Friday, November 2, 2012

If Spiderman could have Granite Kitchen Countertop's

My eyes have graced the unique, beautiful & strong presence of our Polished, Iron Red Granite on several occassions and always in admiration. Yet today I had this realization, perhaps a bit silly yet really quite on key in my opinion. Spiderman came to mind...Yes, that whom most of us know as a treasured & classic Superhero. He who has the one & only transformational ability to morph into the red & blue Spidey, whom displays massive strength, versatility & total magnetism! Well my correlation between the two has led me to believe that this natural material exudes the same characteristics...well except for the super-power transformation that Spidey can perform...although we must give this natural stone some serious credit as it too has gone through some major geological transformations, adopting wallops of Hematite a mineral which is the main source of Iron. This stone displays rich vein's of a dark griotte red with silver blue lunar-like brecciated type features. Iron Red is an extremely hard material and yet would be most endearingly capable of supporting you and your many culinary adventures. Are you prepared to behold such a stone, Iron Amazing material born out of the courageous mountains of Brazil. A super-stone to say the least, come see for yourself & let your imagination run wild!
We have this natural stone available in a 2cm thick slab with a polished finish.

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