Friday, November 2, 2012

Calacatta Crestola Marble

Calacatta Crestola Oro Marble
The Calacatta Crestola marbles are the most beloved & sought after Calacattas EVER! Why?! Well, the Crestola Quarry is the absolute King out of all of the Calacatta quarries. Surely an experience to behold when seen in person, this magnificent quarry is so massive & so entirely white you'll need shades & a great big heart, trust me! If you think the country of Italia has already won your love through her delicious anti-oxidant rich vino's, rolling verde Tuscan hills that beckon you to tumble down like a child... oh and yes, lets not forget the wood-fired baked pizza's! Well to even further your adoration for this admirable country I would suggest that the next time you ought to take a trip to the crown of the country high up in the Italian Alps, the actual provenance of this fine marble OR you may just simply come visit us here at Crocodile Rocks...where this exquisite stone currently resides shining brigher then ever!
The unsurpassed beauty & prominence of this material is within the stone, offering a sublime translucency akin to an Onyx. It has a tight grain calcite crystal structure probably due to the way it was cooled during the formation process. The overall color has a soft creamy-white with pale milky grays and sublte warm golds. This is quite the stone may I shall see, once you have graced this stone yourself!!!
This stone has been used through out the centuries as Kitchen Countertops, Backsplash & Islands as well as bathroom vanities, shower surrounds, flooring etc..It is available in a Polished finish with a 2cm thickness as well as a 3cm, in addition we offer this material in a Honed finish in a 3cm thickness.

Find it at Crocodile Rocks Inc.

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