Friday, November 2, 2012

Calacatta Paonazzo

Paonazzo Marble
Paonazzo Marble is a rare Italian marble that is stone deep with unsurpassed beauty. Just a mere glance and you'll find yourself in a state of stone me, there are stone's that I've just absolutely fallen in love with and this stone is definitely in that category. The overall white matrix is pure like a soft cotton with a luminescent transparency that captures these diamond- like crystals. The vein's are a delicate combination of creamy as well as an intermixing of a sage like denim color and graceful grey-blues.
In my personal opinion Paonazzo is one of natures most excellent stone creations, as I feel this stone reflects the power and gentleness of the Italian Alps!
Purely precious!
This Marble is commonly used as Shower surrounds, Tub decks, Vanities, Interior wall cladding as well as Kitchen Counter top's! This stone is available in a Polished & honed surface with a 2cm & a 3cm thickness availability.

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