Friday, August 8, 2014

What is "the Edge"?

What does it mean when they say "what edge would you like?" When referring to kitchen countertops, or hearths, vanities, tub deck etc. When they want to know the edge, it means the most outer surface. Your stone fabricator will sand the edge (the profile) to not only have the same honed or polished finish as the surface, but to shape it. You can have a flat (eased) or rounded (bullnose) or beveled (angled). Whatever you like, you can have; but at a price. Most of the edges have different prices. If you want a fancy edge, you will most likely pay more per lineal foot, because it is more time consuming or labor intensive. The simplest edge you can have, is an eased (square or flat) edge. Here is a picture of where the edge is and the sink cutouts. The picture illustrates that they used a 2cm (3/4") thick material on this marble island, which seems to be the new trend. Its a bit contemporary, however if you look at any antique with marble, they are always this thickness. The stone industry as only come out with the 3cm (1-1/4") material within the last 12 years or so. Because not only do a lot of fabricators not know how to laminate (glue an edge to make it appear thicker), its a bit cheaper on fabrication costs.

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